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How can this network empower you?

The climate platform is the way to cooperate with other climate actors to tackle tasks together and make more efficient use of resources.


Our aim

Improving climate cooperation in 9 themes in the Benelux region by uniting all relevant climate actors to safeguard the earth for future generations



Why bring stakeholders together?

All little actions help but bringing stakeholders together bundles power. Together, we can make a bigger impact, and we can do it faster!







What can you use this platform for?

Giving your ideas and events a platform of climate-engaged stakeholders, and the possibility to find new partners to co-organise projects.

Who are we?

The Benelux Union

The Benelux is an intergovernmental treaty-based partnership between Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg that focuses on three core themes: internal market and economic union, sustainable development, and justice and internal affairs.


General Secretariat of the Benelux Union

The General Secretariat of the Benelux is the centre of cooperation. It initiates, supports and monitors cooperation. In practice, the lack of knowledge about cross-border political and governance cultures make cooperation difficult, yet the General Secretariat has all the knowledge and tools to navigate the way on the other side of the border.

Our achievements

Sustainable mobility 

Make participation as accessible as posssible

The Benelux stimulates sustainable mobility by investigating the possibilities of dynamic charging of zero-emissions transport lorries. This concerns dynamic charging on the move by an overhead line or through induction in the road surface. By promoting dynamic charging, the Benelux not only aims to reduce GHG emissions but also to reduce battery sizes.


Furthermore, the Benelux countries to reach a consensus on the role of infrastructure for alternative fuels, in particular for cross-border aspects. Ways to develop carbon-neutral fuels (biofuels, batteries and hydrogen) for freight transport (by land and water) by use of stimulants and technologies are being explored.


Declaration on bicycle stimulation

In July 2020, the Benelux countries signed a political declaration aimed at extensive (cross-border) cooperation on cycling.

In 2024, a roadmap bicycle stimulation was developped. It looks into concrete actions and joint projects to stimulate bicycles using the key opportunities of urban logistics, bicycle legislation, and EU projects. Another aim is to navigate ways to bring cycling policy to the attention of the greater public

Benelux ID Registration Organisation

The Benelux contributes to making sustainable mobility accessible to everyone. It tries to reach this goal by researching dynamic charging, facilitating discussions on alternative fuel sources and coming up with creative ways to stimulate the use of carbon-neutral fuels.

One way, that the Benelux is actively contributing to the use of carbon-neutral transportation is by administering a common Benelux service for the registration of Mobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators to facilitate international billing and data exchange, and to be able to find charging stations. 

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