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Our Mission

In the Paris Agreement, over 200 countries decided upon limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg ratified the agreement and consecutively, in November 2018, they signed the Benelux Talanoa Declaration, emphasizing their common pathway in achieving these goals. In addition, the Benelux Talanoa Declaration calls upon the creation of a platform to enhance further dialogue between the Benelux countries, as well as with stakeholders committed and working towards to the climate objectives on a policy, technical, scientific, practical or more conceptual level.  As a result, the Benelux has created a place where regional cooperation and knowledge on  climate-related topics comes together: the Benelux Climate Platform.

Regional Cooperation

The Benelux is a close knit, very densely populated and urban, built region, and against the backdrop of the economic disarray left by the Covid19 pandemic, but also the floods that took place in July 2021, cooperation is essential and evident. Combining forces and coupling resources help move the transition forward, in a just way. 

The Benelux – as a Treaty based international intergovernmental organisation - has therefore the ambition to bring the added value of regional cooperation to the climate debate in terms of finding tailor made solutions for challenges that are shared across Benelux internal and external borders.


  • Benelux launches Benelux Climate Platform and invites you to join our network! Contact us:

  • 66% of people in the Benelux countries believe that they are more concerned about the climate emergency than their government

  • Benelux organised a North Sea Conference on 20 October 2021, where Ministers and experts highlighted the North Seas as green power station for Europe. 

  • The Benelux Youth Parliament adopted and presented their recommendations on e-mobility, energy markets and just transition.

  • Minaraad will celebrate its 30th birthday on 16/12/2021  


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