Benelux Climate Network




Why join our network?

The Benelux climate platform is a unique network that brings together all relevant climate stakeholders in the Benelux region. This is your gateway to get in touch with other stakeholders, share ideas and projects; gather resources; and be in touch with intergovernmental organisations that are in contact with the national governments as well as internationally relevant organisations.

In short, the climate platform is a stepping stone in bundling power to further a sustainable future.

For whom?

Public and private organisations involved in climate adaptation, finance, mitigation, sustainable mobility, circular economy, or any other climate-related field, or a part of them.

Organisations are eligible when they contribute to research, knowledge transfer, policy development, information provision, bringing together stakeholders, organisation of projects, youth organisations etcetera.

Participation with a direct commercial interest is excluded.

Part of the activities include

apple-touch-icon.png Research

apple-touch-icon.png Knowledge transfer

apple-touch-icon.png Policy development

apple-touch-icon.png Information or knowledge pooling

apple-touch-icon.png Bringing together relevant actors

apple-touch-icon.png Organisation of climate-related projects / activities

apple-touch-icon.png Youth organisations

apple-touch-icon.png Grassroot movements / civil society organisations