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To join the Benelux Climate Platform, you have to filll in the form below. Only organisations that belong to our target group will be allowed to join.* Being a member of the Benelux Climate Platform is free of charge. By filling in this form, you give permission to include your organisation in our database and the 'knowledge map'.

All provided information shall be included in our database and is accessible through our website, unless indicated otherwise.

If you wish to end your membership, you can send a mail to

For more information or specific questions, please contact of the General Secretariat of the Benelux Union.

* Who can join? Public and private organisations involved in climate adaptation, finance, mitigation, sustainable mobility, circular economy, or any other climate-related field, or a part of them.Organisations are eligible when they contribute to research, knowledge transfer, policy development, information provision, bringing together stakeholders, organisation of projects, youth organisations etcetera. Participation with a direct commercial interest is excluded.


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The publication of information obtained by registering with the Benelux Climate Platform by returning the registration form, the database or the related knowledge map is free of charge and does not entitle to any form of payment for the publication of such information.

The Benelux Secretariat will in no way use information received in connection with the Benelux Climate Platform for commercial purposes. All information given in the application form and released publicly by the Benelux Secretariat remains the sole responsibility of the organisation which applied through the form. This organisation can at any time terminate its membership, request more information or change or delete the information it has provided. The Benelux Secretariat General will not copy or in any way modify the information obtained but will only use it for the Benelux Climate Platform, its activities, website, database and knowledge map.

The information contained in the knowledge hub of this website is provided by the Benelux Climate Platform. We do not make warranties of any kind about the completeness, accuracy and reliability with respect to the information presented. We endeavour to keep information up to date and correct.

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