Climate policy in Luxembourg

This page gives an overview of the relevant national plans, objectives, the devolution of competencies and the topics that each public body is responsible for.

National plans and objectives

  1. National energy and climate plan 2021-2030

    • A reduction of 40% GHG emissions by 2030 compared to 2005
    • 25% renewable energy in 2030
  2. Climate law

    • Climate neutrality in 2050
    • A reduction of 55% GHG emissions by 2030
  3. Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for 2018-2023

    • National plan to adjust to expected climate change effects
  4. Sustainable Finance Strategy 2021

    • The creation of a coordinating entity for sustainable finance in Luxembourg, namely: the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative
    • The Strategy builds on the Roadmap (2018) and comes up with a concrete action plan
  5. International Climate Finance Strategy 2021-2025

    • 200 million euro per year for international climate funding