Air quality, biodiversity and nature

A sustainable development

Nature conservation is a  central priority for the Benelux Union. In this light, sustainable agriculture and the promotion of biodiversity are means to reach a green and sustainable Benelux region. Additionally, the Benelux will start a discussion about nature as a legal entity.

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is a topic of high importance because of population increase and climate change. The Benelux countries already have a highly advanced and sophisticated agriculture sector and want to maintain this leading position by exploring new sustainable measures for agriculture, improving rules for biological food production, and developing an inclusive approach to the import of coffee and labels for sustainable food.

Promotion of biodiversity

The Benelux organises information exchange and reflection days between experts about specific insects and animals. Also, a shared list of regional sorts has been created.

Furthermore, the Benelux improves biodiversity by the agreement on hunting and bird protection



The Benelux hosted Air/Health, a conference with a focus on the relationship between, and the consequences of, bad air quality and public health.

Additionally, policy adjustment takes place between Benelux countries to cooperate on norms for heating stoves, inland waterways, and marine emissions.