Circular economy

Driving the circular economy and working on a circular EU-framework

Investing in smart sustainability gives rise to economic opportunities and forms the basis for sustainable development and economy. A sustainable Benelux invests in a green economy that is driven and supported by climate change initiatives. The Benelux further maps out for which economic activities cross-border cooperation can achieve the greatest synergy in the area of sustainability.

Circular economy

The Benelux provides a platform for knowledge sharing to promote the transition to a circular economy as a gateway for the initiatives that are being set up at a European level. In particular, the Benelux is searching for complementary with EU projects with regards to single-use plastic, through exchanging best practices with regards to deposits, repairability and knowledge exchange concerning the European regulation on shipments of waste.

Circular building and infrastructure will remain a major topic of knowledge exchange between the Benelux countries.

Instruments and declarations

  • Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on construction and demolition waste (M(2017)17)
  • Directive of the Benelux Committee of Ministers on the practical implementation of the circular economy (M(2016)12)
  • Benelux Recommendation (M(2015)16) on criteria determining when recovered paper ceases to be waste