Climate adaptation and mitigation

Making the Benelux future-proof

The Benelux countries aim for transversal and future-oriented efforts that are linked to a sustainable economic transition. A competitive and sustainable Benelux contributes to the well-being of our citizens. The floods in the Benelux and its neighbouring countries underline the fact that the issue of climate change must remain at the heart of our cooperation. We must think of future generations and involve them in our considerations.

Climate adaptation and mitigation

The Benelux facilitates an exchange of information about cross-border aspects of weather-related water nuisance, as well as sharing nature-based examples about the protection of water consumption for humans-use (surface water and ground water).

Explore possible pathways to end the use of fossil fuels, and explore ways to cooperate on the theme of alternative fuels.

Climate finance

The Benelux wants to be a pioneer in climate finance for, and wants to give more body to macro-fiscal adaptation policy.

Just transition

A study on just transition will be held to analyse the changing labour market as a consequence of climate change to make preparations for the future.

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is a topic of high importance because of population increase and climate change. The Benelux countries already have a highly advanced and sophisticated agriculture sector and want to maintain this leading position by exploring new sustainable measures for agriculture, improving rules for biological food production, and developing an inclusive approach to the import of coffee and labels for sustainable food.