Benelux directors responsible for water management discuss the importance of ensuring water quality in the face of climate change

Water is an essential resource for nature and the environment, for us humans, but also a necessary raw material for economic activities, such as agriculture, construction ... and a pathway for transporting goods. Water is thus the source of the challenges we face. This was once again evident in recent years, where after several dry years, 2021 saw dramatic floods and 2022 was an extremely dry year. 

The directors responsible for water management in the Benelux countries, under the chairmanship of Luxembourg's Director of Water Administration, Mr Jean-Paul Lickes, discussed how they coped with this and where the priorities for policy lie. 

The directors went on to talk about the new European proposals affecting water management and how important it is to ensure that the various regulations are coherent and do not unintentionally lead to the deterioration of watercourses. Because these watercourses are actually improving and the return of nature and biodiversity in these waters confirms that. 

Ensuring water quality has always been and will remain paramount. Even as the quantity of water takes on an increasingly important role, with the increasing demand for water and climate change causing rain to fall less regularly and the soil to absorb water less well. It is therefore imperative to use less water and look for ways to reuse water.   

The water directors will continue consultations and in 2023, in collaboration with the Rivers.