The Rijn-Maas Forum took place on the 12th of April. The Benelux Union was present in moderating a panel and presenting the sustainable mobility projects within the Benelux.

On Wednesday 12 April, it was gathering time for the 2nd edition of the Rhine-Meuse Forum at Baden-Württemberg's representation to the EU in Brussels. This Forum is the annual meeting of political, economic and scientific actors from France (Grand Est), Germany (Rhine Valley), the Benelux countries and Switzerland. This year, it was dedicated to the European challenges to be jointly addressed for sustainable and cross-border transport. Ministers from the region signed in attendance.

The day was divided into four roundtable discussions on topical themes: the future of the car and rail industry, major European transport networks, everyday cross-border mobility and innovations. Director Jan Molema took charge of moderating the talks on mobility innovations. Benelux Deputy Secretary Jean-Claude Meyer had the opportunity to explain how Benelux is accelerating the evolution towards sustainable transport. Among other things, he zoomed in on the joint promotion of cycling, electro mobility, the feasibility study on the hyperloop, the development of a 'digital twin' for road infrastructure and the pilot project on digital notes of lading.

A Benelux stand also allowed interaction with the audience present on the sustainable transport projects that the three countries are shaping together.

The event promoted exchanges on the future of mobility between participants at local, regional, national and European levels.