Benelux and North Rhine-Westphalia will be jointly present at Velocity in Leipzig from 9 to 12 May with a stand to make their initiatives visible.

Boosting bicycle use is one of the five flagship projects of the Benelux cooperation in 2023. At the end of last year, Benelux countries and North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) launched a joint BikeRoadmap containing new initiatives to stimulate bicycle use and serving as a blueprint for the European Union. With this, Benelux and NRW also demonstrate their ambition to further strengthen themselves as cycling hotspot within Europe. This Roadmap is the result of one of the action points within the Benelux Cycling Declaration of 2020, which was adopted in a European Cycling Declaration of 2022. The Bicycle Roadmap should lead to citizens using bicycles more, as this has positive effects. This was revealed in a study that came out based on both regions. 2024 may be declared the 'European Year of Cycling'. That year, the global cycling conference VeloCity will take place in the Benelux region, specifically in the city of Ghent (BE).